WBWtv has merged with the VCK (Vereniging Campus Kabel) since December 15th 2010. This means that there is now just one association that supplies the radio and television signal on campus. A few things have changed for the WBWtv members.

Analog television signal

The channel package was changed October 1st 2010.

We revised the analogue cable network at the Witbreuksweg, to insure a proper signal quality in the entire neighborhood.

Digital television

Since the first of October 2010 we stopped providing digital television via settop boxes. To have the security deposit for your smartcard returned you can deliver your smartcard in an envelope with your name, address and bank account to WBWtv at Witbreuksweg 387-013. On subscription you’ve bought the decoder, so it can remain your property.

Please note: in case you subscribed to any extra packages of Ziggo, you have to unsubscribe them yourself!

Subscription Fees

By September 2010 the new subscription fees apply. Accommodation groups will pay €10,80 per person per year, solitary rooms and apartments €21,60 per year.

After a year of subscription you will receive a letter which holds the invoice for the next year. To subscribe (if you are unsubscribed) or continue your subscription you have to pay the invoice. To unsubscribe, don’t pay and the TV signal will disconnected shortly.

IPTV via a set top box

We have planned to launch a set top box rental service starting January 2011. The set top boxes will enable you to watch IPTV on your television set, without a computer. IPTV is currently only available on your computer.

Until then we are looking for a few beta testers. We also like to hear about any feature requests or hear from enthusiastic students with programming skills.