The subscription to VCK is charged in a 12 months interval: from September until August. You will receive the bill in the first few months of each period.

Since September 1st 2012, the subscription fee is 1.20 euro per room per month. 

If the payment is not received within the time specified on the invoice, two reminders will follow.  If payment has not been received after both reminders VCK is entitled to disconnect the residential unit. If the residential unit needs to be reconnected after a canceled subscription, a reconnection fee will be charged.

Solitary rooms

Solitary rooms and apartments such as Sky and Box will have to pay 2.40 euro per room per month.

Cooperative living arrangements

Within every residential unit a representative should be appointed whose name and full address should be known to the VCK. The representative may represent the residential unit at GMAs and is responsible for the payment of the subscription fee. Any changes can be indicated here.

Residential units consisting of 8 rooms or more are allowed to pay per 6 months:

  • September-February;
  • March-August.


If a residential unit has been disconnected from the signal in the past, due to not paying or any other reason, and wants to be reconnected, a reconnection fee applies. These fees are:

  • for solitary rooms and apartments: € 10,- + the contribution for the current period;
  • for all other residential units: € 25,- + 5 months of subscription costs.

The (re)connection fee should be paid into IBAN: NL88INGB0004401848 to Vereniging Campus Kabel in Enschede with a reference to the flats/apartments address. Also the (new) representative’s name and address should be passed to VCK. You can do this via the form on the website.