General Members Assembly

What is a GMA?
The general members assembly, the highest organ within the association, is held at least once but often twice a year. The governing board is obligated to announce a GMA at least two weeks in advance. During an GMA things as budgets, change of board of governors, amendments to the package of channels etc. can be discussed. If necessary the board of governors can call for a “Special” GMA to make instant decisions. As you see the GMA gives you the perfect opportunity to talk to the governing board about subscription fees, new programs, technical matters etc.

Who can come?

  • Anybody who is interested
    Individuals who would like to come and have a look, including non-members, are welcome. They have no right to vote.
  • Individual member
    Members of the VCK who do not represent a residential unit.
  • Representative of a residential unit
    Subscription paying member of a residential association who represents the residential association and has the voting right for the whole residential association.

Voting right
More information on the right to vote can be found in article 18 of the statutes.