Vereniging Campus Kabel (abbreviated to VCK) was founded on July 7th 1988 as Vereniging Calslaan Kabel (Calslaan Cable Association). The association’s goal in those days was to provide the residents of the Calslaan with a radio and television signal, but a lot has changed since then.

Nowadays VCK also provides a signal for the University’s staff residences on the Drienerbeeklaan, the porterhouse and the Spiegel. Since the merge with CaMaKa on September 1  1999, residents of the Matenweg and most residents of the Campuslaan are able to receive VCK’s TV and radio signal.

After the merge, the association chose the new name “Vereniging Campus Kabel” (Campus Cable Association) because ”Calslaan” didn’t adequately reflect the new situation.

There is however more to it then just distributing a signal; VCK is putting a few channels on the cable that could be interesting for students, such as the Cartoon Network and a Discovery Channel theme program. Members can also get access to materials to create their own cable net in their apartment via VCK.

As soon someone receives a signal and pays a subscription fee, this person automatically becomes a member of the association. Every member has access to the General Members Assembly (GMA, “ALV” in Dutch) and can be a candidate for a position on the governing board.

VCK is an association with full legal competence. The statutes are listed in a deed that is available from the governing board.