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IPTV Failure due to fiber cut

Due to a fiber cut some of our Dutch IPTV channels are currently unavailable. In most cases the HD version of the channel is still available. We hope to have a status update as soon as possible.

Update: The Dutch IPTV channels are available again.

Problems with IPTV on campusnet 01-06-2012

Since Campusnet has been upgraded to Gigabit, there have been problems with IPTV. The problems only occur in the student houses. We are aware that these problems can cause some inconvenience with the approaching ‘summer of sports’ (UEFA Euro 2012, the Tour de France and the Olympic Games). Below, you can find more information about the problems, as well as how these are being dealt with.

If you have been making regular use of IPTV (http://iptv.utwente.nl), you may have experienced the problem yourself: When watching a channel (a stream), it sometimes suddenly terminates and requires you to restart the stream. VCK manages the TV-signal on Campus. In the case of IPTV, the signal is broadcast via multicast on the switching equipment of the ICTS. Using multicast, there is one channel (VCK) available where the recipients (i.e. everyone using IPTV) “log on” to the stream, for example Nederland 1. Upon finishing viewing, you close the stream (“log off”).

What’s the problem?
Imagine that persons A and B are both watching Nederland 1. The problem with the streams is that sometimes, when person A stops viewing and logs off, the stream for person B is also terminated! This often means that person B has to log on again, which may take several minutes. Naturally, this is not the way it should be.

What will happen now?
With the approaching ‘summer of sports’, it is to be expected that many more people will make use of IPTV. As the same channel is watched by an increasing number of people, there will also be an increasing number of people who will log off again – increasing the chance that the stream is suddenly terminated. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done about this for now, other than restarting the stream.

During the last few months, VCK, ICTS and HP (the supplier of the switching equipment) have been hard at work to solve this issue. Although progress has been made, there is still no definitive solution to the problem. We are aware that this will cause some inconvenience with the approaching ‘summer of sports’.