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Analog signal Failure Witbreuksweg

We are aware that the analog signal in the Witbreuksweg is bad. Today we have been busy for some hours to localize the problem, but without success. We think the problem may be in the signal delivery to the Witbreuksweg. We will continue to investigate this problem tomorrow morning and look if the problem is caused by the fiber ring between our technical room in the Vrijhof and the Witbreuksweg. We will post an update if we know more about this problem.

As temporary solution you can watch IPTV via your laptop or PC.

Update @23 September

The analog signal failure at the Witbreuksweg has been fixed. The main amplifier on the Witbreuksweg has been replaced and we made some adjustments at the fiber laser equipment at the Vrijhof.

IPTV failure Dutch SD channels

Due to an unknown reason the Dutch SD channels from Hilversum are currently not available.  We hope to have more information soon.

In most cases there is still a HD version or analog version available of the channel.

Update @ 20th of June: The reason of the failure is found and was a issue with the routing between Hilversum en the campus. The channels should work again, but because ICTS is still reconfiguring the routers some channels can still have a minor hitch.

IPTV disruptions

Due to network troubles at campusnet there are currently IPTV disruptions. We reported the problem to ICTS and we hope the issue is resolved soon.

Update: This issue has been resolved.

IPTV Failure due to fiber cut

Due to a fiber cut some of our Dutch IPTV channels are currently unavailable. In most cases the HD version of the channel is still available. We hope to have a status update as soon as possible.

Update: The Dutch IPTV channels are available again.

IPTV Failure RTL 4 HD, Family 7 and Nederland 3 HD

Due to a failure at our supplier the Dutch IPTV channels RTL 4 HD, Family 7 and Nederland 3 HD are currently not available. We contacted our supplier and they are working on a fix.

The SD version of RTL 4 and Nederland 3 are still available if you would like to watch those channels.

Update: This issue has been resolved.