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MyVCK now available for our members!

After more then a year of work, we, today, send all of our members a letter about the release of MyVCK. Instead of the usual (semi)annual invoice, we are switching to automatic collection to make payment easier for our members. This will occur monthly instead of (semi)annually.

Next to the fact that MyVCK makes it possible to pay via automatic collection and makes it easy to change your details it will also make it possible in the future to for example watch IPTV over WiFI.

Click here to go to MyVCK.

VCK visited open source event FOSDEM

Last weekend, the board and some committee members of VCK were present at FOSDEM, a big developer conference. We were introduced to various free and open source software and other related projects that we are eager to use in future projects. And of course we had the opportunity to taste some of the finest Belgium beers at café Delirium. An educational and great weekend! 😀

Maintenance IPTV-signal Monday 18 January

Monday 18 January, SURFnet will be performing maintenance on the signal devices in Hilversum. This means that coming monday, between 18:00 and 23:59, a part of our IPTV channels will be unavailable. Some Dutch channels in SD-quality and radio channels that work via IPTV, will certainly not work during the course of the maintenance.

In most cases, the HD and analog channels will still be working.