Changes to VCK’s analogue signal

Unfortunately, VCK’s primary provider for the analogue TV signal decided to halt their analogue operations to focus on digital TV. VCK will continue to broadcast analogue TV, but in a reduced capacity. VCK only has a limited amount of resources to produce our own analogue signal, therefore we had to reduce the amount of analogue channels from 44 to 20. The new channel list can be found here: Certain channels are still subject to change, so if one of your favourite channels is missing, please contact us. You most likely need to scan for channels again on your TV to get the updated channel list.

Although VCK will continue to provide analogue TV, we highly recommend switching to our digital TV services instead. VCK provides over 140 digital channels including at least 50 in HD. You can watch these channels on almost all devices. Instructions for watching TV on your PC, laptop or smartphone can be found on MyVCK member portal:

Lastly, for watching digital channels on your TV, we offer set-top boxes that can be rented. Our current set-top box model can play up to Full HD channels. We have been working on a replacement set-top box and aim to make it available in the next few months. The new set-top box will be able to play content up to 4K and will feature support for YouTube, Netflix, Spotify and more. Keep an eye on our website for more information about the new set-top box or send us an email to be reminded once it is launched.