General Members Assembly

Dear members,

We would like to invite all members of Vereniging Campus Kabel (Campus Cable Association) to attend the yearly General Members Assembly.

Wednesday the 30th of November at 20:00
Location: Amphitheater Vestingbar

After the assembly all attendees will be invited for a drink in the Vestingbar.
In case you cannot attend the assembly, you can authorize another member. The authorized representative does need to have an autograph from you.

We hope to see you at the General Members Assembly.

The board of Vereniging Campus Kabel (Campus Cable Association)

The agenda for the GMA is as follows:
1. Welcome
2. Board announcements
3. Determine agenda
4. Minutes last GMA
5. General annual report 2015-2016
6. Technical annual report 2015-2016
7. Financial annual report 2015-2016
8. Board composition 2016-2017
9. (De)chargering Audit Committee
10. Policies 2016-2017
11. Any other business
12. Queries
13. Closing

Five days before the General Meeting full documents for this meeting will be available online on our website.