VCK launches new Amino firmware!

At the end of September 2015, the Vereniging Campus Kabel launches super new firmware for the Amino Settopbox.

We enhanced the complete interface and we particularly looked at ease of operation and wanted to accomplish a faster user experience.

The firmware has been rebuilt completely from the ground up, by the VCK. We made the underlying code modular, which means we can easily add new features in the future. Think of particular on-demand services and other cool functionalities.

By deploying this update, watching TV on your television system without the use of your computer, has been made far more comfortable. You can still enjoy over 130 different television channels, of which 35 are in HD-quality!

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  • Completely rewritten software by the VCK-nerds 🙂 (in total 201 software-revisions!)
  • The software has been made more user friendly!
  • New features can be added by the VCK, without difficult update procedures
  • With the red button on your remote, the audio language can be changed, provided they are included in the stream
  • Specific subtitles can be selected from a menu using the Titles-button on your remote
  • Extended program information when the Info-button is pressed twice on the remote
  • Many HTML and JavaScript-enhancements to improve the performance of the software
  • Less DOM-operations to improve performance
  • Easter eggs, the first to find them wins a VCK beachball!

Found a bug, or want to request a particular feature? Post it on the bugtracker.